CCA’s perishable shipment data sharing tests

To improve supply chain management and reduce food loss, the Cool Chain Association (CCA) has planned to launch a new series of data sharing tests called the ‘LAX Initiative’ to monitor perishable shipments on global trade lanes. The LAX Initiative is built upon a pilot test which included Able Freight, Air France KLM, Cargolux and Xtreme Technologies. The project tracked and measured perishable shipments moved along the Los Angeles(LAX) and Amsterdam (AMS) trade lane. The association is expanding upon that test to increase the number of lanes to likely include AMS-Kuwait (KWI), as well as routes to Doha (DOH), Hong Kong (HKG) and Australia. Discussions about the exact routes and goods to measure are currently underway, with CCA board members creating a calendar for seasonal products and a detailed test schedule.
The tests will involve tracking shipments of commodities, such as avocados and berries, from grower to consignee via electronic logging devices attached to pallets and containers. The devices will record information on the elapsed time and temperature of the products, as well as moisture and shock levels, in relation to the goods’ location. All members of the supply chain will share the collected data to identify temperature excursions and pinch points along the supply chain. CCA member, Xtreme Technologies, will analyse the data collected to pinpoint weak points in the supply chain. “The project is unique because the initiative uses degree hours as a key parameter to measure temperature excursion of the goods shipped, rather than just temperature of the products,” says, Gerton Hulsman, CCA Board Member and Managing Director, Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) Cargo Logistics. He adds, “Furthermore, the goal of the initiative is to help strengthen weak parts of the supply chain and reduce waste through transparency and data sharing, rather than just cutting someone out of the supply chain for shortcomings.”