Kale Logistics Solutions to develop next-generation community e-commerce platform in Dubai

Providing an e-commerce platform to act as a single window for the regulatory bodies, dnata, airlines etc. to transact and share information, the new system will see Dubai using a common platform connecting both air and ocean logistics. Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions shares the details.

Kale Logistics Solutions, a global IT solution partner for major logistics companies across the world, has been chosen by dnata, to develop the next-generation Airport Cargo Community e-commerce platform in Dubai. dnata has been a pioneer in running one of the most comprehensive Airport Cargo Community e-commerce platform under the brand name of CALOGI, way ahead of its times in the first decade of this millennium. dnata has currently envisioned creating the next-generation community platform that would cater to the cargo community’s current and future needs and have the capability to support innovative services like sea-air corridor, third-party services and many more to accommodate end-to-end supply chain needs.

Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions says, “The Dubai Logistics Community will experience an all-new level of performance post implementing the new community platform developed by Kale Logistics Solutions. The new technology that will be introduced will ensure the user new experience and speed of operations going up by few notches. DP World and Emirates launched sea-air products earlier this year to connect Jebel Ali and Emirates SkyCargo. What is unique with the new system is the air-sea logistics integration, where Dubai will see a common platform that will connect both air and ocean logistics. Usually 40% of cargo moves between sea and air. With the sea-air corridor, the entire supply chain will be more coordinated with complete transparency. This new system will act as a single window where regulatory bodies, dnata, airlines and other supply chain actors can transact and share information.

The three product offerings, which include the transfer of containers from port to airport in less than three hours, as well as bespoke solutions and customs documentation, would benefit from a new-gen integrated platform. This Cloud-based system which can be scaled up will reduce paper and bring down the cost of operations further.

Kale also offers Enterprise Business Automation Solutions to the supply chain stakeholders, an integration of community platforms and enterprise systems will empower the Dubai Logistics Community on operations synchronisation, data harmonisation, transparency, efficiency and technology upgrade.”