‘Balancing growth with resilience, sustainability’

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Bobba Group. The Group, which had previously partnered with Lufthansa Cargo to set up GSSA and GHA biz in south and East India, is all set to celebrate one year of ops at their micro-fulfilment warehousing solution.

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Customer satisfaction

The bottom line in business is often associated with financial performance, but the quality of service plays a fundamental role in achieving and maintaining that financial success. It’s not just about products; it’s about the entire customer experience that can make or break a business. And by adapting this very belief into their business, The Bobba Group has set the gold standard on the professional front, in every aspect of the freight industry. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Bobba Group’s Foundation, and this has always been its guiding principle. The group had previously partnered with Lufthansa Cargo, a leading European airline to establish their GSSA and GHA business in south and East India. This association validates the group’s ethical values and dedication to delivering exceptional service. Bobba Group has expanded its range of services by venturing into different verticals of the aviation industry. In addition to managing airlines and serving as cargo custodians at airports, they have recently entered the field of 3PL and micro fulfilment. Furthermore, they now offer cold and dry logistics services, as well as specialized warehousing solutions, including a dedicated distribution hub. V. S. Bobba, MD, Bobba Group says, “Bobba Group has been a pioneer in the aviation; airport cargo and ground handling services for over 30 years. We have managed air cargo terminals and also provided ground and ramp handling services till recently.” Bobba Group is known to provide the best of service solutions, service quality across various sectors. They have a truly impressive portfolio that covers:

GSSA and GHA: As a GSSA, they focused on sales and services for airlines (primarily cargo-related), while as a GHA, their responsibilities included exports, handling, imports handling, documentation, supervision, and surveillance. The group in its association with Lufthansa Cargo, dealt with customers and partners from the air cargo industry across south and east of India. Their process follows strict integrity, transparency and compliance aligned to that of their principal and partners. This saw a very successful partnership with Lufthansa for over two decades.

Cargo Custodians: To build a state of the art facility and make it to what it is today—a cargo hub for the principal, has been one beautiful journey. The group believes in integrity, transparency, and compliance. That is what makes them known as the best service providers in the industry. To name a few of the responsibilities of what the role might entail, a cargo custodian oversees cargo security, managing and maintaining accurate records of all cargo transactions, quality control, inventory management, handling, and transportation, coordinating the loading and unloading of cargo and the list goes on.

Ground and ramp handling agents: Both ground and ramp handling agents work together to facilitate the safe, timely, and efficient movement of aircraft, passengers, and cargo at airports. Their coordinated efforts contribute to the overall success of airline operations. At airports, the Group’s customers were airlines. At the end, service quality plays a major role in winning over the customers.

micro-fulfilment logistics solutions:

Sharing about the newest service, which is a brick-and-mortar micro fulfillment warehousing solution that will celebrate its first anniversary this month, Durga Bobba, Director, Bobba Group said, “We have been in this industry for over 30 years and are known for the best service practice.  Small is the new big when it comes to 3PL warehouses and this has given rise to micro-fulfilment centres, which is a big opportunity for this industry.”

She added, “We cater to a varied range of customers such as traders/shippers/manufacturers/freight forwarders. The need of the hour is agility, resilience, and flexibility. Earlier, supply chains focused on cost reduction only. But now, it cannot be a cost-based operation only. One must think beyond cost and reckon with agility, resiliency, and sustainability. 3PL services by the Bobba Group aim to balance growth. Siblings Chandrakala Bobba and Balajee Bobba, the second generation and both Directors at Bobba Group have been leading the company into new turfs for a few years now.

They have already added many new feathers to their already diverse cap like the concept of ‘small is the new big’ with micro fulfilment centres and micro warehousing.  This idea took birth when the duo saw the need for space within city limits. They have both have been at the forefront of this project.

The bottom line: whatever vertical of the freight industry they get into, The Bobba Group is all about service to the customer and state of the art infrastructure that meets global delivery standards. Their business has been set up to meet the industry-wide requirements in air cargo and all other service solutions. With the same dependability and reliability that they are renowned for, along with the trademark stamp of the best-in-class service.