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MCCI & FFFAI focus on India’s trade with neighbouring countries

The MCCI Logistics Forum 2019 emphasised on regular communication between importers of Nepal and the service providers in India to bring down logistics cost....


Airfreight helps lift up EXIM trade

Sanjiv Kumar, Aviation Consultant, talks about the concept and success of Air Freight Stations (AFS)...

Deciphering the chain of technology

Technology is a key enabler to ensure seamless work in warehouses. Vikrant Yadav, Country Manager...

Ease of doing shipping

Transportation has become an easy business due to the varied containers and their components, explains...

Envisioning unforeseen risks of SCRM

While risks are a part and parcel of the industry, organisations nowadays have started understanding...

India has the appropriate acumen for logistics

Logistics industry in India is evolving rapidly, despite weak economic sentiments, the sector continues to...

Joining the dots for startups in India

Puneet Prakash, Founder & Director, City Link, shares his perspective on employee attrition in start-ups...

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