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Cargo Episode-266 (July 16, 2024)

In this episode CargoTv focuses on: Fostering optimism and collaboration among participants, The 13th edition of the India Warehousing Show reaffirmed its position as...

Investing in robust supply chain management crucial

Investing in employee training to equip them with skills to handle disruptions is essential. As...

Global supply chain sector combats crisis amidst growth

Supply chain ecosystem is amid a storm of disruptions that may be seen as opportunities....

APL Apollo expands Kartarpur Corridor

  Kartarpur Corridor project, which provides a gateway for Indian pilgrims to visit the holiest Gurudwara...

How to bridge skill gap in logistics?

Logistics ensures smooth flow of goods and services from origin to consumption. It encompasses transportation,...

‘Paperless’ approach to reduce risks, improve resilience

Global logistics industry has long been plagued by relying on paper-based documentation. This approach is...

Red Sea crises continues to disrupt sea trade with longer transit time, high costs

Authored by Sunil Vaswani, Executive Director, Container Shipping Lines Association (CSLA) There seems to be no end...

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