Maersk ramps up rail service to keep exports on track

Amidst acute shortage of trucks in lockdown, Maersk has announced that it has ramped up rail services for manufacturers to help them move their cargo to ports for export. The company’s solution includes moving goods straight from the exporters’ manufacturing facilities on rail to the required port or moving the cargo first to the closest Inland Container Depot by road and then loading it on to rail.
The advantages of moving cargo on rail have been more than just overcoming the unavailability of road transport. From the perspective of the customers, they get most of their logistics needs fulfilled at the one-stop-shop that Maersk is offering by combining ocean and landside transportation and offering integrated logistics solutions. “What we have offered to our customers is an integrated solution that spans over landside and ocean logistics,” says Steve Felder, Managing Director, Maersk South Asia. He further adds, “At times when customers are hitting a road block, we are reaching out to them to offer a wide range of solutions that go beyond the primaries of moving cargo, and also offering other services such as booking management and customs house brokerage.”