Priority to efficiency and warehouse safety

We offer specialized capabilities for packing and managing chemicals, including innovative solutions, apart from highlighting warehouse safety and efficiency. The  firm’s safety practices included drills, monitoring, and audits, says V Raju, Business Head, Contract Logistics, Allcargo Supply Chain.

Ritika Arora Bhola

Tell us about infra and digital features of the chemical warehouse at Uran?

Allcargo Supply Chain’s Grade A chemical warehouse in Uran, Navi Mumbai, encompasses a cutting-edge facility—an establishment covering 1.6 lakh square feet. This facility meets global safety standards and ensures good connectivity. It is located 15 km away from the port and 25 km from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Equipped with machinery such as Battery-Operated Forklifts and a Warehouse Management System, it optimizes operations, while stressing on safety and compliance.

The site and advanced infrastructure demonstrate the firm’s commitment to high-quality warehousing supporting India’s goal of becoming a global manufacturing hub for all types of chemicals.

What are some of the sustainable initiatives undertaken at the warehouse?

We are prioritizing and deploying sustainable practices. At our Uran warehousing, the infra includes roof and side coverings made of polonium sheets, which reduces internal temperatures by 3-4°C. This helps in sustainability efforts by minimizing energy consumption for temperature control. Designing the warehouse to reduce energy usage and employing advanced technologies such as the Warehouse Management System shows our commitment to sustainable practices within their operational framework. Sewage treatment plant, and water recycling plants are initiatives towards sustainability in this facility.

Can you tell us the key growth drivers for warehousing in India?

The rise in online shopping has created a demand for specialized storage spaces to handle lots of goods.  The government is focusing on improving roads and ports, making it easier to set up warehouses in good locations. Industries such as pharma, automotive, and manufacturing, are growing rapidly and they need warehouses to store products. All these things together are making India’s warehousing industry grow a lot and become more advanced than ever before. One of the foremost needs is for a hi-tech quality driven warehouse. This is more so for special warehouses required for chemical storage.

Of late, Grade A facilities and smart warehouses are emerging: reason for this trend?

Firms want Grade A facilities to have safety measures such as special sprinkler systems, safety alarms, specific tools, and controlled temperatures. Smart warehouses are becoming commonplace, using automation, devices connected to the internet, and advanced WMS. These upgrades help improve how operations are performed, manage stock better, and make shipping smoother. All these match the industry’s goal of doing things well, being more productive. This trend aligns with the pursuit for operational excellence, improved productivity, and the ability to meet evolving to meet demand in a competitive market. Today sustainability and digitization go hand in hand with these smart grade A warehouses.

What are the cargo safety and security measures undertaken at Uran warehouse?

Our facilities adhere to global safety standards, emphasize sustainability in construction and adhere to temperature-control and safety regulations for hazardous materials. We prioritize excellence in warehouse safety. Our modern warehouses offer specialized capabilities for packing and managing chemicals. Safety practices include drills, monitoring, and audits; they underscore our commitment to compliance.