ACCD organizes 46th AGM

Air Cargo Club of Delhi (ACCD) organized its 46th AGM on 14 July 2023 in New Delhi. The 2022-23 Managing Committee welcomed the members and presented the Annual Report along with Balance Sheet on which the house had active discussions and put forward some valuable suggestions for the coming financial year.

Managing Committee 2023-2024:
• President: Ashwini Sharma
• Vice President: Sumit Mathur
• Hon. Secretary: Manoj Kumar Jain
• Hon. Treasurer: Manish Sharma
• Executive Member: Padma Handa
• Executive Member: Vinet K Chadha
• Executive Member: Faisal Hussain
• Executive Member: Anchit Sharma
• Executive Member: Vikram Kumar
• Executive Member: Rajeev Chandna

The event reinforced the club’s commitment to create a unified platform for members to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively address the evolving needs of the sector. The new Managing Committee, which has been elected, conveyed its sincere gratitude to former Presidents, seniors, and members of the club for their support and promised to deliver exciting great events in coming year.