Cargo Episode-224 (Oct 31, 2023)

In this episode CargoTv focuses on:

  • Kale Logistics Solutions Unveils Maritime Single Window Mandate Readiness Survey Results
  • The Warehousing Association of India strives to achieve ease of business
  • Veteran Logistics Professional Radharamnan Paniker sheds light on challenges associated with handling dangerous goods in India
  • With the aim to establish Nagpur as the Cargo Capital, Indian Government plans to develop a Multimodal International Hub Airport in Nagpur

We Interviewed:

  • VINEET MALHOTRA, Co-Founder & Director, Kale Logistics Solutions
  • MOHIT KAPOOR, Chair-Event Committee, Warehousing Association of India
  • RADHARAMANAN PANICKER, Managing Director, Dangerous Goods Management India