Digitising supply chain to be cost-effective

Providing digital solutions to the retail and supply chain segments, Acuver offers clients with its product engineering services to deliver digital opportunities with the greatest market potential and less GTM time. Sunny Nandwani, Founder & CEO, Acuver Consulting shares details.

Priyanshi Bana

Kindly elaborate on Acuver Consulting.

Incepted in 2013, Acuver Consulting is a leading digital transformation solutions provider for retail and supply chain segments. The company’s Enterprise IT services are rooted in the innovation- and accessibility-driven approach of Acuver Innovation Centre (AIC), wherein ‘Ideation’, ‘Productisation’, ‘Patents’, and ‘Improvisation’ are the four key pillars. They are further complemented by its Product Engineering wing with ‘Product Design’, ‘Microservices’, ‘Open Source Infrastructure’, and ‘Agility’ being some of its key elements. Acuver envisions emerging as the end-to-end digital transformation partner for retailers, e-commerce companies, as well as e-services and 3PL players across the globe, thereby being their growth partner that helps them achieve scale, accuracy, time-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The firm believes its core values of ‘Collaboration and Transparency’, ‘Innovation and Technical Excellence’, and ‘Integrity and Respect’ will play a pivotal role in doing so.

What are the services being offered by Acuver?

We are the digital transformation partner for retailers, e-commerce, and other organisations that need a seamless supply chain. We help them in order management, inventory visibility, inventory optimisation & marketplace integration, going omnichannel and last-mile fulfilment solution. Our product engineering services help clients to deliver digital opportunities with the greatest market potential and less GTM time.

What are the main challenges posed by the pandemic?

The COVID-19 outbreak is a black swan event of a kind never seen before in its trifold impact on demand, supply and markets. There are different challenges faced in order to stay relevant in the industry, viz:

  • Understanding the need of the consumers specially during pandemic
  • Studying customers even when they are not dealing with you, and then using those insights to personalise and deliver what they want in a way that is multichannel, scalable and evolving.
  • Having a mature digital and data strategy to stay relevant in the industry.

In the face of unpredictable, dramatic events, businesses need strong business models enabled by a robust digital backbone, and processes that can pivot rapidly. This is the time to be forward-thinking and experimental with customers needs first and foremost to stay efficient and effective. Consumers are no longer expecting only the experience they were offered before, instead they have developed much higher digital expectations.

What is your present network? What are your expansion plans?

Presently, we are serving a customer base of 9+ countries through our presence in India, Singapore and Australia. We are strategising our expansion across geographies like Europe, USA.  It is further supported by the technological edge of our channel partners including IBM and SAP.