Firms embracing change to be successful

Technology is integrating all types of businesses — small, medium or large. Besides, a shift can also be witnessed in logistics and warehousing industry as well. Currently, the company has focused on creative logistics solutions and consistent quality of service, says Sherlyn Oommen, Director, Allseas Global Logistics.

What is your core focus area in 2022 for growth?

I believe that every field within the business is getting prosperous due to technology. If your business is not integrated with tech today, you are missing out. At Allseas, we have witnessed the merits of going digital and embracing the power of the online world. In 2022, our core focus is to gradually shift from a traditional logistics working model to a more pro-digital working environment. I believe cargo and logistics industry can benefit with this shift, and we as a firm embrace it.

What, according to you, was challenging during the pandemic?

We live in a world where an unplanned leave is the extent of uncertainty the businesses faced. However, the pandemic disrupted how firms ran. This change brought its own challenges from every management to every employee. This is why to say the biggest lesson that the pandemic taught me was ‘Embracing change. Because fighting it only makes things more challenging.’ We work towards creating contingency plans, employee-friendly work models and better planning.

What is the one thing that needs to change for your company to flourish?

Maritime operations have been running the traditional way for way too many years now. A refreshing change that the industry needs now is to witness a technological shift. With newer arms of technology entering the space, it has become more simpler for the maritime operations to shift towards smoother digital operations. We encourage and embrace digital transformation within the logistics industry and hope that more and more players make this shift (for digitisation) sooner rather than later. It will benefit our industry as a whole.

Pushing ahead, what businesses, do you think, will develop rapidly?

I believe that technology and digitisation will be the progressive factors now. I feel the fact that there is a need for technology  across all businesses in order to make them relevant. Digitisation has the ability to integrate with all types of businesses. Besides technology, a huge shift can be witnessed in the logistics and warehousing domain as well. An increase in international trade will lead to increased demand-supply, which will positively impact the industry.