For maintenance training, Boeing ties up with AIESL

This collaboration with AIESL supports the development of Boeing’s customer-focused capability in the region. By partnering with AIESL, Boeing will be investing in the future of aircraft maintenance capability in India and it will nurture local talent to support the growth of the indigenous MRO industry.

CT Bureau

Boeing and AI Engineering Services Limited (AIESL) have partnered to enhance aircraft maintenance training in India. Boeing will provide training materials, aids, and instructor support to help ensure standardisation of AIESL training programmes. AIESL will provide infrastructure and instructors, while securing Civil Aviation Regulation 147 approval from the Indian regulatory authority to conduct maintenance training for customers.

“The collaboration with AIESL strengthens and supports the development of Boeing’s customer-focused capability in the region,” said Chris Broom, Vice President, Commercial Training Solutions, Boeing Global Services. “By working together, we anticipate Boeing and AIESL will be well positioned to provide high-quality maintenance training, while contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of aviation in India.”

“By partnering with AIESL, we are investing in the future of aircraft maintenance capability in India. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to nurturing local talent for supporting the indigenous MRO industry’s growth,” said Salil Gupte, President, Boeing India, and South Asia.

“The tie-up with Boeing on maintenance training in the fastest growing aviation market will go a long way in supporting industry requirements. AIESL would be able to support training requirements for 100 engineers each year going forward,” Sharad Agarwal, CEO, AIESL, said.

“Collaboration between OEM expertise such as Boeing’s and local capability such as that of AIESL, is integral to our vision for a sustainable and competitive aviation and MRO industry. By working together in aircraft maintenance, we strengthen our position on the global stage,” Vumlunmang Vualnam, Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, said.

“Partnership between an aircraft manufacturer and a maintenance training organisation augur well for budding engineers who would undergo trainings according to best training aids, standards and practices, in conformity with the prescribed regulatory framework, raising safety standards in maintenance in the long run,” emphasised Vikram Dev Dutt, Director General, DGCA.