Improving end-to-end process of air cargo

By implementing all Cargo iQ processes, an airline can furnish the exact information as to when their cargo shipments are likely to arrive at the particular destination. In case of delay, the carrier officials can analyze why these delays occured and work towards ensuring that they do not happen again.

Abigail Mathias

Cargo iQ developed a system of shipment planning and performance monitoring for air cargo-based on common business processes and milestones. As part of that system, Master Operating Plan (MOP) describes the standard end-to-end process of transporting air cargo. In an exclusive interview, Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ, explains how it operates.

Moehle was involved in the activities of Cargo iQ since the beginning in various functions and until recently as a Board Member. He took charge as the Executive Director of Cargo iQ in January 2022 and is supporting the company’s task to assist the members improve the quality of the air cargo industry.

The core team is made up of four people who help coordinate most of the activities of the company. Moehle explained, “The feedback from our existing members is unanimous in that they see a lot of added value in the work that Cargo iQ as an organization has been able to measure quality and the cooperation as a community to tackle issues.”

Etihad Cargo has implemented Cargo iQ and all its processes are based on our operative model. They have implemented all the Cargo iQ standards. Customers are given information on where their shipments exactly are, and in case of delays, they can analyze why these delays happened and work towards ensuring they don’t happen again.” When it comes to approaching new members, he said, “We are always open to having more members. Particularly for small and medium sized community we have a lower membership fee which allows them to become members of Cargo iQ and allow their customers to benefit from the features we offer.”

We participated in the IATA World Cargo Symposium taking place from 25- 27 April 2023 in Istanbul. Our Cargo iQ Board Meeting was held on 24 April and our AGM on 28 April. While in Istanbul, the team is expected to hold one of its training seminars, hosted by Turkish Airlines.