Nurturing growth, inclusion & well-being for thriving workforce

At Blue Dart, employee well-being is paramount. Initiatives like BRACE and DBF provide financial support, while Upstairs Programme offers scholarships. Platforms like My Talent World aid in professional development & ensure a supportive environment for all employees, says Rajendra Ghag, Chief Human Resources Officer, Blue Dart.

CT Bureau

How has Blue Dart’s approach to talent acquisition and development evolved to meet the logistics industry’s changing demands?

Blue Dart’s approach to talent acquisition and development has adapted to meet the evolving demands of the logistics industry. We recognise the importance of technical expertise, data-driven decision-making, and sustainability in our workforce. In the light of rapid technological advancements, we emphasise on ongoing learning and development to keep our team competitive. Our investment in training programmes, online courses, and workshops demonstrates our commitment to upskilling our employees. Platforms such as My Talent World and Blue Connect offer e-learning modules, fostering a culture of innovation and improvement among our workforces. Additionally, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion through initiatives such as Succession Planning and Empowered programmes, which cultivate women leaders and ensure diverse representation in leadership roles.

How does Blue Dart prioritise employee career growth, and what initiatives are in place to ensure a motivated workforce?

At Blue Dart, we deeply value the well-being and professional growth of our employees, understanding that their motivation and engagement are fundamental to our company’s journey. To ensure their welfare and foster career advancement, we have implemented a range of initiatives: In terms of employee well-being, we provide a comprehensive benefits package, including special leave provisions and financial support through schemes such as BRACE and DBF, helping during unforeseen circumstances. Our Upstairs Programme invests in the education and future of our employees’ families by offering scholarships from Classes 6 to 12. Additionally, we offer flexible work arrangements, extended maternity leave, and insurance coverage to promote gender equality and work-life balance.

Regarding career growth, our cutting-edge learning platforms, My Talent World and Blue Connect, offer a diverse array of e-learning modules covering leadership development, empowering employees to excel in their roles. We emphasise career development through tangible initiatives such as Succession Planning and Empowered programmes, designed to identify and promote women leaders across all levels of our organisation.

In promoting gender diversity and inclusion, we ensure that every certified batch of employees comprise 15 per cent women representation. Our Empowered Programme, a leadership development initiative, mandates 70 per cent female participation to build a talent pipeline for future readiness. Our POSH & OSHA initiatives ensure a safe workplace for all employees, covering both full-time and outsourced staff.

Presently, 17 per cent of our management positions are held by women, with a target of reaching 25 per cent by 2025. We prioritise  diversity hiring, currently at 9 per cent, with a preference for women in replacements. Our annual health check-up includes breast cancer-related tests to promote women’s health awareness, and we encourage women’s participation in sports events, including football and cricket.

Our commitment to women’s career progression is exemplified by our two women-led service centers, where staff have grown from courier roles to service center leadership positions. Our Career Marketplaces and LEADS provide opportunities for exploring jobs within the DHL group, adding visibility to opportunities for all employees.