Building automised supply chain to stay agile

Today, the logistics operations have become more complex, and freight forwarders must work on creating resilient supply chains to mitigate risks and manage complexity. Ashish Mishra, CEO, Newage Software and Solutions says well-informed decision-making and technology is important to drive sustainability and improve business.

The freight forwarding industry must stand up to constant change, driven by the impeccable execution of myriad digital processess. As the operations grow more complex, freight forwarders must have the resilience to mitigate risks, manage complexity and, global flexibility to respond with agility to changing dynamics and locations. Well-informed decision-making to move quickly with robust data, exceptional insight for embracing modern technology to fetch important information, and sustainability to drive maximum ROI to improve the freight forwarding ecosystem are required. The common challenges faced by freight forwarders are to stay efficient and offer a delightful experience to customers.

Freight forwarders today must adopt cutting-edge technology to meet the customers’ expectations and stay competitive. While there are different options, ensuring chosen software product gives you complete visibility into your business operations, helps in managing your company’s financial health, and delight your customers. That’s why selecting the right solution provider could be one of your most important business decisions. In a nutshell, the product should be a single window of truth for your business and must have integration with key elements in the ecosystem.

Freight forwarders today will need partners such as Newage Software & Solutions, which has been in this industry for over 15 years and has strived to create technology-rich solutions that help freight forwarders to overcome challenges. What makes Newage unique compared to other software players is that the team at Newage has deep knowledge and practical experience in the freight forwarding and the logistics industry. This has helped the company in designing the SaaS-based ERP solution, eFreight Suite that precisely fits the needs of forwarders. Within each freight forwarding organization, right from the CEO/Director level to the Finance and Operations Head, each function faces its own set of challenges. Keeping them in mind, Newage’s eFreight Suite (eFS) addresses the pain points of each of these personas and helps in improving overall efficiency, saves considerable time, and helps forwarders to delight their customers.

eFreight Suite can provide easy and quick service to interpret reports in the form of graphs that help CEOs to gauge the success of the business instantly. It provides strong BI that offers insights to the executive team into profitability, booking and financial reports. With eFS, freight forwarders can have robust credit management and save a considerable amount of money by calculating taxes in the most precise manner. It is integrated with leading entities of the freight forwarding ecosystem to automate operations and enable you to manage your business seamlessly. The software system lets you manage your shipments effectively and offers end-to-end document tracking.

eFreight Suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services. It runs on an Oracle database, has BI capabilities, and Webtools—a platform that gives visibility to the customers’ on key indicators. Due to its robustness and ease of operations, eFS has earned an overall quality rating of 4.2 stars on Capterra with a Net Promotor Score of 7.6. Globally, eFreight Suite is trusted by over 400 freight forwarders with 8000 plus active users logging into the system every day.

From resilience and responsiveness to intelligence and sustainability, Newage always puts customers and their future—first.