Cargo Episode-240 (Feb 20, 2024)

In this episode CargoTv focuses on:

  • In Collaboration with Great Lakes Institute of Management, The Warehousing Association to organise Industry-Academic Interface Conference on Logistics and Warehousing
  • Ethiopian Cargo organized an event to interact its trade partner in Mumbai
  • Spread across an impressive 7 lakh sq. ft. and the facility aligns with international standards, FM Logistic India inaugurated its 3rd state-of-the-art Multi-Client Facility in Bhiwandi

We Interviewed:

  • MANU RAJ BHALLA, President, Warehousing Association of India
  • DEBASHIS SANYAL, Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • MOHIT KAPOOR, Chairperson-Projects & Events Committee, Warehousing Association of India
  • PRIYA BHALLA, Chairperson-Diversity, Warehousing Association of India
  • ABEL ALEMU, Managing Director, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Service