Cargo Episode-8 (Oct 22 2020)

In this episode CargoTV.News focuses on:

  • Civil aviation minister shares updates on COVID related medical supplies
  • Here are 4 important factors that need to be implemented to achieve our targeted growth
  • According to the Indian Ports Association, thermal and cooking coal imports at major ports saw a drop of 25% to 55 Million Tonnes from April-September this year
  • Recently appointed as the President of Air Cargo Forum India Cyrus Katgara firmly believes that the industry is ready for blockchain

We Interviewed:

  • HARDEEP SINGH PURI, Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India
  • CYRUS KATGARA, Partner-Jeena & Company
  • CYRUS KARGARA, President, Air Cargo Forum India
  • KEKU BOMI GAZDER, Chief Executive Officer, AAI Cargo