Customer service is crucial to achieve success in logistics

Logistics is considered one of the most significant pillars for any business to succeed, for it plays an instrumental role in wide-scale expansions as well as growth. Avinash Raghav, Co-Founder & MD, Shift Freight talks about how and why customer service is a key to become successful in the logistics industry. 

For a business of any scale or size, getting goods to the market or receiving raw goods becomes an uphill task in the absence of a good logistics plan. This is even more significant when you are dealing directly with the customer. As the logistics and relocation industry in India continues to evolve and mature, there is an increased reliance on cutting-edge technology to enhance and improve customer service.

All processes, decisions and operations of a company start revolving around one focal point, i.e. the customer, when an entity adopts a customer-centric culture. If such culture is developed within, each employee aspires to add value to customer experience. And eventually, the different services or departments within the company works in a more cohesive and synchronized manner.

This can, however, be further aided with adopting the business process methodology called integrated service delivery model, which is basically the process of building connections between different services. Resultantly, the services become more accessible and hence more responsive to customers’ needs. The adoption of this business process methodology leads to an outcome referred to as integrated client servicing, which is a relatively flatter approach to build accountability, and eventually, customer service.

Lest we forget, all aforementioned efforts are bound be marred if the communication system with the client is not glitch-free or smooth. A definite parameter for customer satisfaction is the promptness with which the customers get response to their queries. In fact, the leaders in the segment are getting pro-active in this regard. During the relocation of any consignment, if the customer keeps getting information about the developments or hindrances at different stages, they feel more secure. Mishaps and unforeseen delays are part and parcel of the logistics and relocation industry, and more often than not, many companies commit the blunder of not apprising the customers on such occasions. Whereas, they should ensure that the customer is informed in real time so that they can adjust their schedules as per the expected delay. Needless to say, such actions always add to the trust factor.

Another tool to enhance customer service is having a dedicated point of contact for all the customers. While this immediately results in ease of access to the customers, it eventually results in a lasting customer relationship. Such points of contact must have all data related to the company as well as consignment concerned. This enables the customers to get all required information, including pre-sale and post-sales ones, without running from pillar to post. Choosing the right customer representatives or points of contact also needs to be done judiciously. The key here is ensuring that these employees are satisfied with their job, are polished and in sync with the needs of the customers.

When we look at it for the long term, a good customer service earns customer loyalty and also helps in maintaining the clients. Estimates suggest that if customer retention rises by 5%, the profit is likely to see a spike of up to 25%. This is primarily because the customer acquisition cost, which is not insignificant by any standard, gets reduced drastically. What existing customers say about a company through their reviews or testimonials plays a key role in determining the future prospects.