Providing seamless connectivity to key markets by enhancing network

Recovery from COVID is likely to fuel heightened demand for air freight services, particularly in sectors such as e-commerce, pharma, and perishables. Digitalisation promises to reshape supply chain dynamics, ushering in an era of efficiency and transparency, shares Prithviraj Chug, CEO, Group Concorde.

Ritika Arora Bhola

Tell us about your projects underway and recent innovations?

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to advancing air cargo services through cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. Currently, we are involved in several projects aiming to enhance our service offerings and optimise operational efficiency.

Our recent innovations include the implementation of advanced technology solutions to streamline cargo tracking and management processes, as well as the introduction of eco-friendly initiatives to reduce carbon footprint. Through strategic partnerships, we have an objective to extend our global footprint and deliver top-notch logistics solutions to our clients.

How has GSSA evolved in the past few years following rise in demand for cargo distribution globally?

In the wake of the post-COVID, the industry has witnessed shifts in sectors such as pharma and perishables. As a GSSA, we have adapted to refine our services to meet these evolving demands. Presently, our focus is on specialised handling procedures, coupled with network enhancements, ensures the safe and efficient transportation of sensitive cargo. Our company has invested in certification and awareness among the team on specialised handling in order to ensure efficient transportation of sensitive cargo. We have enhanced our network capabilities to provide seamless connectivity to key markets, facilitating international distribution of essential products.

How are you assisting your airline clients, while managing costs and boosting trade opportunities?

At Group Concorde, we recognise the complexities that airlines encounter in expanding their international footprint, while managing costs. Leveraging our cargo industry knowledge and comprehensive growth approach, we assist our partners in realising their expansion goals.

With our extensive network and streamlined operations, we optimise route planning and capacity utilisation—driving down costs and boosting profitability. We identify emerging the market trends and trade opportunities, enabling our clients in a bid to capitalise on new revenue streams and expand their market presence.

As a GSA, what are the metrics tracking your services’ success, while serving a particular airline?

The success of our GSA services is measured by various KPIs reflecting our ability to meet our airline clients’ expectations. Some of the important metrics include  revenue growth, air cargo volumes handled, on-time performance, customer satisfaction ratings, and compliance with service level agreements. By monitoring these metrics along with engagement of management and implementing continuous improvement initiatives, we ensure the delivery of high-quality services that drive value for our partners.

After Vietnam Airlines, do you have any intention of adding new airlines to your portfolio?

We are driven to broaden our horizons by seeking collaborations with other airlines. Currently, we are engaged in discussions with potential partners and assess new ventures to expand our network. Our aim remains steadfast: To deliver innovative solutions that adapt to the dynamic demands  of the air cargo industry.

What, in your view, are the primary growth drivers in this year?

The ongoing recovery from COVID is anticipated to fuel demand for air freight services in sectors such as e-commerce, pharma, and perishables. At Group Concorde, we stand poised to leverage our industry know-how, expanding our global network, and invest in cutting-edge solutions. By harnessing our expertise and embracing innovation, we aim to fortify our competitive edge and foster sustainable growth, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the evolving air cargo landscape.

What are the current challenges the air cargo industry is facing?

The lingering effects of COVID, such as supply chain disruptions and labour shortages, continue to impact air cargo operations. Despite these obstacles, we view them as opportunities for innovation and collaboration. With strategic planning and proactive measures, we are committed to overcome these challenges and deliver value to our stakeholders.

What is your vision for the air cargo industry?

Our vision for the cargo industry is anchored around continuous growth, innovation, and sustainability. Committed to leading this journey, Group Concorde pledges to deliver innovative solutions, foster industry-wide collaboration, and drive sustainable growth.