Electro-hydraulic dock levelers for operations

Dock levelers offered by Gandhi Automations are designed as per EN 1398 standard for the most demanding loading and unloading operations. They ensure loading and unloading with lesser effort and minimal cost. It is possible to load and unload your products in a safe way and in the process and save energy.

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Gandhi Automations introduces electro-hydraulic dock levelers, which are ‘a bridge for connecting a vehicle’ and facilitate smooth, and safe transition by compensating the difference in heights between the loading bay and the vehicle. This results in minimising energy use and savings on heating and chilling costs that lead to maintenance of the quality of the goods.

Efficient loading & unloading

The cost of loading and unloading can be calculated precisely and is exactly definable, which allows for a scientific approach. Gandhi Automations has always designed solutions based on scientific approach and feedback from clients.

It is possible to load and unload your products in a safe way and in the process and obtain save energy. The dock leveler remains with the loading bay in rest position and the sectional overhead door is closed until the vehicle in in position. The driver drives back, turning to the dock shelter, and stops the vehicle the moment it gets in contact with the bumpers.

The sectional overhead door is opened once the vehicle is in position, applies brakes, and the engine is shut off. This eliminates the exit of hot air, intake of cold air (or the opposite in hot area and inside conditioned places) and intake of exhausting gases in the warehouse. After the sectional overhead door opens, the lip of the dock leveler connects to the truck bed for loading/unloading to take place.

At the end of the loading/unloading, the leveler is put in rest position and the sectional overhead door is closed, without moving the vehicle. The vehicle then departs at the end of the process. Following are the two types of dock levelers.

Radius lip dock levelers: These dock levelers come in multiple sizes and capacities. They allow the dock to link connect with the truck bed, thus making it convenient to drive directly on and off with forklift trucks and the like. Also, the self-cleaning lip-hinge system does not retain dust or dirt, which allows for a smooth operation.

Telescopic lip dock levelers: They are ideal for connecting vehicles—unable to drive near docks, i.e., sea containers, side loading railway wagons among others. These dock levelers can be supplied with a lip extending up to 1 metre.

Edge-of-dock levelers: These levelers have been developed in compliance with the latest European safety standards, EN 1398. It has a capacity of 6,000 kg and is suitable for use with all types of material handling equipment.

Forklift Roll-off Barrier Lip Dock Levelers: This product adds run-off protection, preventing accidental forklift roll-off when the overhead door is open and no trailer is stationed at the dock. These dock levelers are built to provide the benefits of the hydraulic dock leveler, along with the additional benefits of providing a formidable barrier.