Focus on meeting consumer demand

FM Logistic has opened dedicated warehouses and plans to expand its footprint. Despite the disruption induced by COVID-19, the company has shown its resilience in India, by increasing its turnover by 58 per cent in the first half of this fiscal year and plans to increase it by 35 to 40 per cent by the end of the year.

With a strategy focused on omnichannel supply chain services, urban logistics, sustainability, distribution, and customer experience, FM Logistic aims at increasing its revenue to €3 billion by 2030. At a recent press conference in Pune, the company unveiled its ‘Powering 2030’ strategy. The company strives to be a reference partner in the field of sustainable, omnichannel supply chains. The company’s new tagline, ‘supply change’, was adopted earlier this year. The new tagline recognises the need for supply chains to evolve in order to promote responsible consumption and a sustainable economy.

To achieve these objectives, the company is ready to cater to the rising demand for omnichannel commerce, especially in urban centres, which is driving demand for outsourced logistics services. In India, FM Logistic is one of the top three contract logistics service providers. Last year, despite the pandemic the company added 10 lakh sq. ft., of warehousing space under its operations. This amounts to a 20 per cent growth in its footprint.

Alexandre Amine Soufiani, MD, FM Logistic India, asserts, “Despite the turmoil caused by COVID-19, FM Logistic in India has proved its resilience. We have recorded a growth of 58 per cent in turnover during the first half of this fiscal and aim to finish the year at 35 to 40 per cent growth. In our endeavour to become the reference partner in the field of sustainable omnichannel supply chains in India, we continue to carry out our expansion plans and reinforce our offer of end-to-end supply chain services. We are focussed on developing Grade-A multi-client facilities (MCFs), dedicated warehouses near our customers’ manufacturing centres, and modern urban logistic hubs — all interconnected with an agile and dense transportation and last-mile delivery network. We continue strengthening our value-added services, such as copacking, automated labelling and last stage customisation for digital marketplace readiness.”

FM Logistic India is already making significant progress in executing Powering 2030. This year, they have been awarded new contracts in the FMCG, retail, omni-channel, e-Commerce and engineering sectors. The impetus for this growth is the focus on developing the omnichannel and e-Commerce service offerings for customers in the FMCG, FMCD, pharma, auto and engineering sectors.

Supply chains today need to be tailored to the needs of each and every channel. Sustainable omnichannel services are the need of the hour. To strengthen its omnichannel fulfillment capacity, FM Logistic will be expanding its network of large MCFs, supported by investments in automation connected to a full network of urban logistic hubs. To cater to the growing demands of customers in urban areas, the company is developing a network of technology-driven, sustainable and compliant urban logistic hubs. These hubs are designed to offer a range of sustainable omnichannel services, including order fulfillment, last stage packaging customisations, digital marketplace, last stage readiness and cross docking. Green last-mile delivery, too, is part of the offer thanks to its EV charging points-enabled infrastructure. These in-city hubs are connected to FM Logistic’s large MCFs located outside city limits, thus, enabling the offer of a complete portfolio of supply chain services. The company will also cater to tier-II and tier-III cities by setting up warehousing infrastructure there.