Redefining logistics with innovation and growth

CJ DARCL’s technological integration is driving force for efficiency and optimisation in logistics operations. The firm’s technology-driven strategy, including acquiring a ‘cloud-native’ TMS, has transformed FTL operations easing the process related to order booking, planning, allocation, loading supervision, and shipment tracking.

The logistics industry has been at the forefront of India’s road to development. With a mix of cutting-edge technology, advancements in intralogistics, automation of warehouses, and transport management, the industry is all set to spearhead the market, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation. The industry has been witnessing continuous support from the government with respect to the policies and regulations rolled out recently. Policies such as NLP, PMGS, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, directed towards the growth of verticals such as multimodal transportation, better port and road linkage, effective infrastructure thus reducing the overall logistics costs and enhance effectivity.

While the future of logistics looks bright, the logistics companies are gearing up to meet the needs of the dynamic logistics environment and the changing customer needs thereby implementing a series of initiatives, following megatrends to keep itself up in the market. As a symbol of this industry evolution, over the past few years CJ DARCL has transformed into a multi-dimensional logistics provider. It is reputed for rendering tailor-made solutions in logistics, which businesses depict convenience in their supply chains. With 180 local branches, over 4,000 employees, and a diversified marketshare, CJ DARCL has undoubtedly become a leader in the FTL market, serving sectors such as FMCG, retail and pharma among others.

As the sector is undergoing a wave of innovations, automation, data-driven logistics solutions, and AI are being adopted to enhance operational efficiency and transparency. Implementation of technologies such as RFID, GPS tracking, IoT devices, warehouse automation, and predictive analysis across various verticals. CJ DARCL’s commitment to tech integration has been a driving force, leading to efficiency and optimisation in logistics operations. The company’s tech-driven strategy, including acquiring a ‘cloud-native’ Transport Management System (TMS), has transformed FTL operations. This has eased the process related to order booking, planning, allocation, loading supervision, shipment tracking, and ticketing management. Additionally, having other technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Warehouse Management System (WMS), amplifies the company’s efforts to always lead in adopting the latest technology.

CJ DARCL has prioritised road safety by equipping their vehicles with AI-enabled dashcams to its vehicle fleet. These dashcams enhance fleet safety, monitor driver behaviour, and furnish data for efficient fleet management. This emphasis on innovation has elevated operational efficiency and strengthened relationships with customers and vendors.

India’s aspirations of a cleaner world are reflected in strategic baselines adopted by CJ DARCL Logistics, wherein the company prefer to adopt an ecologically sustainable approach. The company has already developed its interim decarbonization strategy for data collection, emission reporting and reducing emission as per the targets. CJ DARCL is also exploring alternative fuels for cargo delivery, as well as strengthening its fleet by collaborating with major players in the market, pushing the boundaries of innovation with a pilot programme for electric vehicles (EVs). These initiatives not only demonstrate CJ DARCL’s dedication to a greener logistics sector but also solidify its position as a leader in environmentally responsible practices.