WiseCargo fuels air cargo management at AFS

Hans Infomatic is committed to ensuring the success of CCPL’s Air Freight Station with its flagship software solution, ‘WiseCargo’. Central to its functionality is its WMS, which serves as the backbone of efficient cargo management and provides real-time visibility, handles all operations, and control over cargo movements.

Collaboration of Hans Infomatic with Continental Carriers Group represents a milestone in the cargo industry and underscores our dedication to driving excellence in air cargo management. Serving as the technology solution provider for India’s first RA-3 accredited greenfield AFS in New Delhi fills us with pride and excitement. We are committed to ensuring the success of Continental Carriers’ AFS with our flagship software solution, ‘WiseCargo’, poised to revolutionise the cargo management practices.

Recognising the need for an efficient cargo management solution, we embarked on a journey to develop WiseCargo on latest technology platform. With three decades of experience, we understood the complexities and intricacies involved in managing air cargo operations. WiseCargo was born out of this understanding, fuelled by our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of AFSs, air cargo terminal operators and land ports in the industry.

Central to WiseCargo’s functionality is its WMS, which serves as the backbone of efficient cargo management. It handles all operations, provides real-time visibility and control over cargo movements, inventory tracking, and storage optimisation. By centralising critical data and processes, WMS enables not just AFSs, but also air cargo terminals, land ports and stakeholders to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

WiseCargo’s another important integrated feature is Customs Bonded Trucking service, which offers secure transportation option for cargo, replete with real-time tracking and compliance with customs regulations. This service enhances cargo security during transit and facilitates smooth logistics operations, instilling confidence in AFSs, cargo terminals, and the shippers alike. The transshipment service provided by WiseCargo enables the seamless transfer of cargo between different modes of transportation, thereby optimising logistics networks and enhancing operational efficiency. By improving connectivity and flexibility within the supply chain, this service contributes to smoother logistics processes and improved overall efficiency.

WiseCargo has features of Truck Queue Management and ULD Management, optimise ground operations at AFSs, cargo terminals and land ports. By minimising wait times, maximising resource utilisation, and streamlining cargo handling processes, these features increase efficiency and responsiveness to market demands. WiseCargo supports communication and integration with other systems through IATA Cargo Messaging and Customs EDI Messaging. This interoperability enables data exchange with airlines, customs authorities, and stakeholders, fostering collaboration and enhancing logistics ops.

As we look towards the future, WiseCargo’s potential to transform the industry remains boundless. Being pioneers in cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions, we envision expanding our footprint to collaborate with more AFSs, air cargo terminals and land ports. We aim to transform cargo management practices, optimise operational efficiency, and boost profitability for our clients. We would like to mention, WiseCargo is accepted at many airpports as preferred partner for their Cargo Custodian’s IT solutions. Our commitment to innovation drives us to enhance WiseCargo’s capabilities and adapt to evolving industry needs, ensuring it remains the preferred choice for air cargo management solutions.